Welcome to Chapman Lake Instrument

Chapman Lake strives to maintain creativity in engineering, to help with design changes that will reduce manufacturing costs, and to help with prototyping. The company was founded to provide orthopedic companies with top-quality engineering and production manufacturing. We understand the requirements and goals of the orthopedic industry.

Chapman Lake has the skills to design and develop the manufacturing processes necessary for the production of complex or difficult-to-manufacture orthopedic instruments, and the expertise to produce large and small manufacturing runs with exacting tolerances. We have produced many of these tools and have a thorough knowledge of the techniques required for their production.

Contact us for more information on how we can apply our expertise to your manufacturing requirements. Manufactured from your plans or collaboratively designed and engineered – call (812) 323-7165 for more information or a quote.

Production Services & Equipment

A wide-ranging collection of production services and a list of the fabrication equipment we use.


Active and creative help in producing prototypes and testing your part or assembly.


Fully registered for stringent quality control in manufacturing medical devices. Chapman Lake will work with you on the production of a prototype to meet your requirements. We can also

point out designs variations that can reduce manufacturing costs while creating the part or assembly you envision.

Our focus is on creative engineering, especially on challenging manufacturing processes. We can be a productive partner throughout the prototyping process adding our experience to yours to produce the best product.

Precision Manufacturing & Collaborative Engineering

Since its start in 1986, Chapman Lake has provided a variety of companies with top-quality engineering & contract manufacturing.

We have the skills necessary to assist in the design of complex or difficult-to-manufacture instruments and parts, and the expertise to produce large and small manufacturing runs with exacting tolerances.